Our Approach

SEARCH currently operates a broad range of programs. These programs are constantly changing in response to the needs of the community as well as through the natural maturing of the organization.

Meeting Basic Needs: SEARCH recognizes that regardless of the philosophical sophistication of its social development ideals, every individual has the right, first and foremost to have met such basic needs as nutrition, health, clothing and education.

Holism: SEARCH has a holistic understanding of the human being and communities. As an organization, its self-defined mandate is one of “Total Human Development” for the individuals and communities it serves and thus maintains active programs in the economic, political, cultural, spiritual, environmental and social sector.

People-Centered Participation: SEARCH strives to move beyond dogmatic political ideologies and social doctrines by putting people in command of their development agenda through provision of education, information, technology and capital. There is always a conscious effort embedded in every activity utilizing process of consultation with cooperators and partners.

Self Reliance: SEARCH is actively working to empower the people and organizations with which it works thus it trains people in areas such as rural self-help credit schemes, cooperative management and creative social entrepreneurship.

Conservation of Natural Resources: SEARCH recognizes the overriding importance of preserving the community’s natural resource base in the context of a long-term sustainable development agenda. As SEARCH operates in primarily agricultural communities, it believes that failure to protect and preserve this natural resource base could have dire consequences for the community. As such, it continues to monitor the condition of these natural resources and explores new approaches to sustainable resource management.

Cultural Integrity: SEARCH recognizes that the greatest riches of a person which he/she cannot be deprived of the culture. It is the culture that makes a person and community; the identity of one’s life. The ability to enhance the culture of the community through development is a priority dimension of SEARCH in its work.